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8 Application of Definite Integrals

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Application of Denite Integrals
Bridge Course, August 2012


Area enclosed by curves


We know that the net (signed) area bounded by a curve Formula, Formula-axis, vertical lines Formula and Formula is Formula, but if we want to find the area bounded by two curves, say Formula and Formula, and two vertical lines, what should we do?


Let A be the area bounded by the curves Formula, Formula, and the lines Formula, Formula.
If Formula for all Formula in Formula, then


However, in general,



Example                                                                                                      MAXIMA CODE

Find the area bounded by a circle Formula                                            Formula

Figure 1: Formula


Let the area bounded by the circle be Formula. We can consider that Formula is bounded by two curve, Formulaand Formula. Since Formula for Formula, then




Then we let Formula, Formula, Formula, Formula. Hence,




1. Find the area bounded by the ellipse Formula

Figure 2: Formula

2. Find the area bounded by the curve Formula, Formula and Formula, where Formula
3. Find the area bounded by the curve Formula and Formula

4. Find the area bounded by the curve Formula, Formula, Formula-axis and Formula, assume that Formula, Formula, Formula are positive real numbers.
5. Find the shaded area bounded by the curve Formula and Formula as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3: Question 5


Volume of Solids of Revolution

Let Formula be a function continuous on Formula. Then the volume Formula of a solid of revolution generated by revolving the region by the graph of Formula, Formula-axis, and the lines Formula, and Formula about the Formula-axis is


Note That: The meaning of the formula is that total volume equals to infinite sum of surface of individual element times its thickness


Example                                                                                                      MAXIMA CODE

1. Derive the formula for the volume of sphere Formula                             Formula

The volume of a sphere is the integral of infinitesimal circular discs of thickness Formula, assume that a sphere with center at the origin and radius Formula, then

Radius of each circular disc: Formula

Surface area of the each circular disc (Formula): Formula




1. Derive the formula for the volume of Cone Formula. The following graph may help you.

2. Derive the formula for the volume of Cylinder Formula.

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